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Patricia Hartfield




Business Owner, Certified Community Educator


Melbourne, FL


social activities and gatherings, interactive fun workshops, conference calls to keep you educated

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Be Social..Be Healthy is about Making Connections and Friendship a Realty

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Great Testimonials

09/21/2011 by: Patricia Hartfield

“Patricia is a woman of "world vision" and is a staunch believer in empowering women at every level. Thank you, for everything you do.” by: Gayle D'Haeseleer LE, CME, CCE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Patricia is a great person. She is kind and friendly. Her work is rewarding. She is professional and dedicated.” Sallyanne Cos March Of Dimes scos@marchofdimes.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Great Testimonials

09/21/2011 by: Patricia Hartfield

Great motivation from being around positive people; Patricia, you are doing a great job with Helping Others Shape…keep up the great work! -Thomas Fulmer Speaker | Trainer | Author | Sales & Success Coach National Entrepreneurs Network, Founder www.NENconnect.com & Success Essentials Training Institute, CEO www.ThomasFulmer.com 800-321-7411 Ext. 701 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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